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Is it just me or does Chris Motionless have such a sweet face?


Like, when he smiles he just looks like a sweetheart. He may look intimidating but I think he looks so sweet and nice. I don’t know.


You’re just a trend, just a fucking disease. How could you look at yourself in the mirror? You stand for nothing & your heart is untrue, every single thing about you is just a clone of that last “you.”

I could probably sit with every single Motionless In White song on repeat for a year and not grow old of them. Ever. Their music is just perfect and it makes me so frustrated with happiness and I can’t stand it but I love the feeling.
I just learned that my fate is something I cannot escape so ♥


Having a crush. You go from being a good girl thinking about school to having your mind consumed with thoughts of this person. Every time your phone beeps, you get this little flutter in your heart, hoping it’s this person. And when it’s not, you get disappointed. You hope that this time, they’ll…